Beer Scented sweat..yum

The great and glorious masterpiece of
man is to know how to live to purpose.

Michel de Montaigne

6 mile run today check it out here  it was a bit of a struggle as I perhaps had a few too many beers a little to late last night. Needless to say, Blue Moon was coming out of my pores the whole time 🙂 I did managed to keep it pretty healthy over the holiday. I even kept my holiday to a holiDAY! I worked out in the morning and enrolled my family in not putting butter in everything. It seems these days everyone is getting more health conscious which makes it a lot easier to spend a few days with the family and not come home 10 lbs heavier.

Oh! and my new website is up and running! it has tons of info on the sports nutrition programs, a place to submit your info to me if you are interested in part time/full time coaching, AND you can even register as my client to get access to the nutrition programs. When you register you get a sweet promo code for your first order!

Food today

you can also stalk my food at by signing up for free to log your food with me! Plus any and all products I use, you can get directly or by clicking “contact me” on the right ride of this page to request a free nutrition profile to find out how you can be your best you!  :-)

 8am formula 1 shake, PDM
9am rebuild endurance
agility and lifting with brad
10am greek yogurt and beverage mix
noon formula 1 and PDM
3pm greek yogurt and bev mix
6pm chicken broccoli rice
9pm Protein drink mix hot with cinnamon

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