Mind over matter

3 miles race pace today! Check out my run! http://runkeeper.com/user/KristenAdolfi/activity/60129465

“Mind Over Matter”

Our minds are so incredibly powerful, often times well beyond our realization and comprehension.

With our minds we can convince ourselves to believe something we might otherwise never have wanted to believe. Only with the nudging of some simple and convincing thoughts we’re able to redirect our beliefs and actions.

Our thoughts direct us each morning in the direction we’re going to take for that day. It may be good or bad but our minds are going to set the tempo for the day.

What we allow to enter our minds will influence what is created in our minds.

On the positive side, our minds can be used to heal. By allowing positive thoughts of well being into our minds and thoughts of the positive physical state of mind that we wish to achieve, we can equip ourselves to heal those things that need healing both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Recognize the power of your mind and the ability you have to use it to create a state of well being. The mind can be used as a powerful tool for healing if you just think about it.

~J. Charest

Food today

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rebuild endurance

formula 1 express bar X 2 and a Bev Mix

f1 express bar

subway salad and protein bar


bev mix


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