Busy Girl! Roller Derby-Pilates-Paddling-Running

I had an amazing practice last night. Lately when I head into practice my head hasnt been totally in to it. I have felt like my workouts werent as good, I would get caught in a weird head space….A few days ago, my friend Sean and I were talking about setting intentions for our day. So I started doing it for the little things in my life as an experiment. So last night before pilates I set the intention of not being hard on myself if I couldnt do all the fancy things the instructor was doing or couldnt hold a pose as long. As a result I had a great session and got an awesome core work out instead of leaving frustrated. At practice after pilates, as I was lacing up my skates, I told Wrecky “tonight my intention for practice is strength and precision. I am not going to focus on being the fastest or best at anything, I am just going to focus on the precision of every step, every cross over, every transition. As we do endurance I am going to focus on the strength of my body, notcing every muscle I use to skate.” The funny thing was, the more I focused on these things, the better I was at everything. I was flying past people because instead of telling myself “You have to go faster, you have to be the best, you arent doing well enough” I changed it out for “I am strong and hae excellent form. How can I do that with better precision and strength?” it was AMAZING!…And I left practice worked which i havent done in a whiel. YAY!

Today was also AWESOME! I woke up and went running with Kelli. I did 5 miles at a 9:33 pace. Here is my run! http://runkeeper.com/user/KristenAdolfi/activity/59299818

After the run I cruised up to Long Beach and went paddling for the first time ever with my friend Amanda! I was super nervous I would suck at it and end up in the water the whole time but I did pretty well! I didnt fall in once! I cant wait to go again! This was followed by an awesome lunch with a friend and some errands.

Food today

you can also stalk my food at www.ichange.com/user/krissykrash by signing up for free to log your food with me! Plus any and all products I use, you can get directly fromwww.shopherbalife.com/krissykrash or by clicking “contact me” on the right ride of this page to request a free nutrition profile to find out how you can be your best you!  :-)

Breakfast formula 1 sport plus PDM

5 mile run

8:30 recovery shake- rebuild endurance

paddle for an hour (drank Hydrate out of a camelback)

12:30 Chronic taco- beans, rice, carne asada, guacamole and …gasp… a diet coke! lol. havent had one of those in a while

4pm Eggs and veggies

6pm HOT pumpkin spice shake and PDM

Your Daily Dose of positive awesomeness! I watch this every morning!


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