Holy Headwinds Batman!

It was a soggy run today but my pace was still good. Check out my run here.

I got up, saw the rain and though…wellllllll I don’t technicly start until next week….It wont Killlllll me to just go to the gym today instead of running. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz text from Rowdy Roulette as I’m lying in bed “Got a minute?” Oh hellz yeah I do, anything to keep me in my snuggly bed with two cuddling kitties a little longer. So I call her and we chat about Derbalife Arizona and how amazing everything is going there. “Yeah its totally raining her, I think I might just skip my run today” I add in casually. “WHAT? KRISSY. YOU CANNOT SKIP YOUR RUN. Don’t go posting about how you’re all committed, then just flake.” Sigh. Fine. I love it when Rowdy is right…and I kinda like it when she tells me what to do.

On with the running shoes and windbreaker and out into the drizzle. I am immediately glad I went. Britan Speas and Dead Sarah on my ipod and I crank out another 4 mile run in under a 10 minute pace.

As I hit the boardwalk at the beach I turned left and ran away from the breaking blue sky up north and into the cloudy grey towards Newport. Interesting thing about this run. As I ran in the cloudy, rainy path I started to enjoy the rain on my face. I was glad for the cool air. I hit a puddle or two and soaked my feet but whatever. Then at mile 2, cruising at a 9:20 average pace I turned around….and BAM. Headwinds. Oh crap this is gonna kill my time. I can do this push harder. I am not goingto give up and resign to “oh it was  a slow run because of the wind.” So I pushed through and made it a game of picking points ahead of me to run to and focusing on keeping up my pace just that much longer. As I approached the last .5 miles of my run I look up and notice the sky. This distinct line between the blanket of grey clouds and rain and the blue california sky and promise of a sunny day today.

OBSERVATION FOR TODAY: How funny that like life its often easier to run towards the dismal and the grey. To turn out backs to the sunshine. As I ran I realized how much harder it was to run towards that bright sky. I think a lot of times we turn away, slow down, give up on those things in life that are our sunny day because of the head wind. We talk ourselves out of the harder road because of obstacles even when we can see so clearly in front of us the opportunity for light instead of darkness. But we choose not to take it. We have reasons instead of results. We allow our resignation to mediocrity to keep us exactly where we are instead of saying “Bring it on” to the head wind and charging forward.

On another note, I get to spend the weekend with my family who is in town from Seattle, YAY! Its time for some mother daughter time. Which I love in my family because it typically includes good food, wine, and tequila! Good thing I ran today.


Food Today!

you can also stalk my food at www.ichange.com/user/krissykrash by signing up for free to log your food with me! Plus any and all products I use, you can get directly from www.shopherbalife.com/krissykrash or by clicking “contact me” on the right ride of this page :-)

8am formula 1 pumpkin spice and PDM


10am rebuild endurance

1 forumal 1 express bar

3pm luch with the parents Ill have meat and veggies

7pm dinner at Korean BBQ BRING IT. YUM!




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