Thanks for the reminder.

93 days to go un till my race. It seems I’ve convinced a few people to join me. Joe and Kellie for sure and hopefully a few more.

Tonights practice was amazing. I love OC Rollergirls. Like I LOVE these women. We might not be the most competitive team, but we hold our own. We are certainly not the most focused team. BUT we have a shit ton of fun. Practices are filled with fist pupm and centepede jams. We decided tonight that the best jammer is the one who has the most fun. We rock and roll high kick when our jammer gets out of the pack. And we laugh our asses off for a good portion of practice. Needless to say we all still leave sweaty.

I am just so grateful to be skating with these ladies. It has really brought me back to why I started derby in the first place 6 years ago. It wasn’t for the crowds or for championships.. it was to make friends. And while I have skated in a number of places, I really do feel at home here.

Food Today!
you can also stalk my food at by signing up for free to log your food with me! Plus any and all products I use, you can get directly from or by clicking “contact me” on the right ride of this page

6:30am 2 scoops Herbalife 24 formula 1 sport 2 scoops PDM with prolessa
7:30 fit club beach workout!
8:30 post fitclub shake and herbal tea concentrate
lifting with brad
10:30 Herbalife 24 Rebuild Endurance plus a Best Defense tablet (LOVE THIS STUFF citrus mint is my fav with hot water)

1pm chicken and veggies

3pm formula 1 express bar, sugar free coconut/chocolate candy (bad choice! my stomach hates sugar alcohol aparently)

6pm formula 1 pumpkin spice and PDM with hot water
8-10 practice
10pm chicken and soup mix, and a vanilla PDM (crap tons of protein, low carb recovery)


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