Small Victories

Pace 9min 16 second for 4 miles today!

 94 days until 13.2 miles in under 9 minutes

I got up this morning a little sore from practice. There was a kitten curled up around my neck and the Fonz at my feet. My bed was warm. BUT I got up. Slapped on my new running shoes, said Hi to Wrecky, the best neighbor and friend ever, and took to the street. I kept saying “2 miles out, 2 miles back.” When my runkeeper notified me I hit mile one i was like “ok half way to half way!” I hit 2 miles, feeling loose and I turned around ti head back. For those 2 miles I focued on 2 things 1) How amazingly blessed I am to be running on the boardwalk next to the beach on a sunny Wednesday with glassy waves crashing yards away. 2) Passing people. I focused on who ever was up ahead n the boardwalk and just focused on speeding up just enough to pass them without disengaging my core and losing my form. When I hit 4 miles I had already dropped my pace from a 9min 45sec pace on Monday to a 9min 16sec pace today!

Its these little things in life that need to be appreciated. It is SO easy to get lost in what isnt working, what’s not going the way you planned. We focus on whats going to happen this weekend or later today instead of whats happening right now. Instead of looking at all the wonderful things each of us have going for us. You have them, I swear.

Tony Robins does this activity where he has you look around the room and find everything red. o ahead and do it….right now….look around and find all the red stuff….Did you do it?  Now tell me, without looking, what you saw that was green. Hard to think of much? Now look around, I bet there is tons of green things you just didn’t notice them because you were focusing on the red things. What if all those green things were the small victories in your day, the little things your accomplish that you could pat yourself on the back for? And what it the red things were all the negative things? What if you spend more time finding those green things and less time thinking about, talking about, resenting the red? You wont believe the change it will have in your life. It did in mine.  I focus on the green things now, I find the small victories like getting out of bed and I high five myself for them, and you know what? It feels good.

Food Today!

you can also stalk my food at by signing up for free to log your food with me! Plus any and all products I use, you can get directly from or by clicking “contact me” on the right ride of this page 🙂

8am 4 scoops Herbalife 24 formula 1 sport with prolessa (still waiting for my protein drink mix to get here!)

8:15 4 mile run plus abs at the gym

9:30 Herbalife 24 Rebuild Endurance plus a Best Defense tablet (LOVE THIS STUFF citrus mint is my fav with hot water)

Wrecky and I NOT eating Vegan Chili

1pm vegan chili with “THE NEIGHBOR!” Wrecky. I will probably have some more protein to go along with it 🙂

3pm formula 1 pumpkin spice 4 scoops with hot water, YUM!

6pm chicken and veggies cooked at home

9pm shake or a bev mix for something sweet


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