95 days to 13.2 miles in under 1 hour 59 minutes…because what else would I do in the Derby off season?!

Well Kids, its time to slap on the running shoes again! I have registered for another race and I am out to kick my last 1/2 marathon time in the ASS!! In March 2010 I ran my first half marathon with a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes (a 9min 52 second pace)… and skated an all star game that same evening I might add.

While there is NO game on February 4th 2012, there will be me…running like the wind down PCH in Huntington Beach….and putting my old time to shame. This year I am going for under a 9 minute pace. Declaring that makes me a little nervous but, as with anything in life, if you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t playing a big enough game.

Over the next 95 days you can follow my  progress through training, nutrition, and lots to random stories about me and my life as I use our Derby hiatus to really put the new Herbalife 24 line to the test.

I actually started running again yesterday and my butt and legs were SORE today. I didnt think it had been that long since I had run last…. 8 miles 3 weeks ago and before that it had been a few months. http://runkeeper.com/user/KristenAdolfi/activity/58209424

A little tip: DONT GO DO AN 8 MILE TRAIL RUN THE DAY BEFORE A GAME WHEN YOU HAVENT BEEN TRAINING FOR RUNNING! Ooops…I could barely walk on game day 3 weeks ago. At the rink in San Jose Coach asked if I was ready for the game and I winced and mustered up my most confident “No, problem coach.”

So yesterday was the unofficial start of my training. Next Monday will be the official start of my training as my oh so awesome running coach and the man who inspired me to even start running in the first place, Jason Dendy, has created a run schedule for me that will take me up to race day. I imagine it involes 3 runs a week, a short, medium and a long run. I will post my times and run keeper logs on here as well.

I also got new running shoes today. I figured that if I could feel every rock and pebble that I stepped on in my old ones it may be time for an upgrade so I got these sweet kicks!  Mine are the yellow and grey ones.

Food Today

You can also follow my food at www.ichange.com/user/krissykrash and even register for your own free account to log your food and have me stalk you nutritonally on line.

7am shake- 2 scoops formula 1 sport plus 2 servings PB2 (200 calories 24 g protein total)
train with brad at Evolve Gym (legs, shoulders, biceps, and 30 min cardio)
9am 1/2 serving Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength (voted number one recovery shake on the market by Triathlete magazine in September Issue thank you very much!)
11am Formula 1 express meal bar (got these in london last week. =… ask me nicely I might let you try one)
1pm 4 scoops pumpkin spice formula 1 mixed with hot water…usually i use 2 scoops plus protein drink mix but im out of PDM..its on its way
3pm 2 servings beverage mix (200 calories 30 g protein) for when a girl’s gotta eat but she’s too busy blogging ot make food ;-D
5:30pm Herbalife tomato soup mix with cauliflower YUM! got this in the UK also.
6:30pm pilates with Wrecky followed by practice from 7:50-10pm
10pm formula 1 sport with PB2 as a recovery after practice

On busy days like today I swear I would eat anything if it wasnt for shakes and the alarm that goes off on my phone every three hours that says “eat damn it!”

So if you’d like to join me in my running shinanigans or if you just want to know more about nutrition for yourself, feel free to hit me up anytime krissy.healthandwellness@gmail.com


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