Top Tips to have a blast bit not blow your program

Its been a great week! I kicked ass at my program, got in a ton of kick ass workouts, and I am down 2 lbs this week  and may pants are starting to fall off. I am on a mad mission to keep up all the feeling good healthy amazingness as I jump into the holiday weekend. if you are too, then here are my top tips!

Top Tips to have a blast bit not blow your program:1. Hydrate! Lots and lots of water! 1 glass in between every beer or drink
(Or be like me and skip the booze and the hangover 🙂 I sometimes put water in a beer can so no one knows i am not drinking…i get to avoid the “why arent you drinking question” and I love waking up without a hangover!)2. Choose Veggies over chips! crunch on veggies all weekend with a low fat dip. They give oyu the crunch without the calories

3. Do something active! Instead of sitting around, get a game of dodge ball or some other fun activity going t burn some extra calories (we are having a dodge ball marathon on the 4th in Santa Monica if youre local!)

4. Drink a shake! Atleast one for breakfast. Starting your day right will give you a better chance of making positive choices throughout the day.

5. Bring a Dish! A healthy treat that you enjoy! 
6. Dont beat yourself up! Enjoy the weekend, the company, and a red white and blue cupcake! I insist!

Wanna stalk my food log or get some support for your own health goals? Join me on ichange for free and then click the contact me button to the right of this page to hit me up for a free nutrition profile!


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