Mind Control

Your thoughts control your body.
The things that go on in your head have a physical effect on your body. Next time you’re doing endurance, a drill, a jam, a plank check your head space. Are you saying “I’m tired” “I’m weak” “I can’t do this”? Because the amazing thing is whatever you think…you’re right.

Try holding a plank and thinking about how much it hurts, it sucks, you’re tired, you hate planks, is it over yet. Note your time.

Then do another one am say out loud or to yourself “I can I can I can I’m strong I’m awesome this will make me better just one extra second and one more!” and notice… Did you hold it longer?

Food today!
All products available at http://www.shopherbalife.com/Adolfi or by emailing me.

6:35am bev mix, herbal tea concentrate, best defense

7am 1hour cardio (20 min stair climber, 20 min run, 20 min elliptical) then planks

8:30Herbalife recovery strength shake with spinach and strawberries and prolessa

9am tea, aloe, apple fiber all mixed together for the road!

10am strength workout with brad at evolve gym in Huntington with bev mix for fuel

Noon sushi with Wayne in LB (www.waynejohn.com stay tuned for his blog adventures of getting healthy with his kick ass health coach Krissy Krash)

2:30pm shake (pdm and formula 1)

5pm greens and chicken

7pm pre practice 1/2 shake

10pm chicken! And herbalife recovery endurance


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