Planks and the Four Letter Word

Planks have never been my strong point. I’ve made every excuse about why I just can’t do they…I’m too tall, too heavy, “you have less to hold up than I do” blah blah blah. bull shit.

But honestly, like everything in life it comes down to the simple 4 letter word. WORK

A month ago one of my clients inspired me to start working on my planks. She said “I hate them but I do them because I know when I do them I will be a little bit better than the time before.” So I did. The first time ll I could hold was 20 seconds then I needed to rest and then 20 second then rest the those last 20 seconds I squeezed out.  Ugh! Pathetic. I hated planks!!! But I kept going and each day got a little better, held a little longer. Today I did 1 min 30 sec/1min 30 sec/1min 15sec!!!!
And I’m not stopping there! 2 minutes here I come!

I love planks!!! No I dont. Thats a lie. They are a mental test. But i do love feeling stronger and I feed off of progression.

Food Log- operation tore up from the floor up summer plan

7:15am bev mix, niteworks, liftoff

45 min cardio

9am recovery shake

lifting with brad at Evolve gym

11am greek yogurt and bev mix

12:45 shake with PDM

2pm chicken breast!

5pm salad with chicken

8pm greek yogurt and bev mix!

Busy Busy! So thankful for my awesome program!

Wanna get ready for summer? Ready to step up your game? Contact me for a free wellness profile!

Now accepting applications for heath coaches! Training provided for the right person!


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