Transitions in life are a lot like learning transitions on the track. There is this weird blind middle part of your change in direction where things can either end terribly wrong or be seamlessly completed. This moment of feeling out of control is, I think, is one of the hardest things about changing your direction both in life and on the track.

I am in total transition right now. On the verge of moving from LA to OC. I have already started to settle in OC. Business wise, I am establishing an awesome coaching team down here and we have a ton of amazing things happening (great new leadership, boot camps, weightloss challenges, a nutrition club opening soon, a great gym, an indoor soccer arena) but I’m not quite all the way there yet. Same with derby. I am officially an OC roller girl and I am LOVING skating with these ladies but I am still commuting and getting to know everyone. Its like my life is in the first step of a transition right now. One skate is facing in the new direction but the second one hasnt quite left the ground yet to follow.

Its an exciting and scary place to be and it is a test of strength and desire that I am excited to take on.

I am feeling more now like a leader in my business than ever before. I’m excited to be supporting an organization of passionate, excited, smart, wonderful people who are taking back their own lives and finding freedom outside of the 9-5 life. Being your own boss kicks ass but leading others who ask for your guidance and trust your mentorship is a whole new level of responsibility. I love it. It is SO freeing to know that anyone, anywhere, anytime can choose to leave the beaten path..and I can show them how to be successful at it.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”
 Bernice Johnson Reagon

Food today!- I jumped outta bed today!
a kick ass workout followed by running around OC

tons of water today since i was working out so much

7am formula 1 sport, protein drink mix

50 min elliptical 30 of it with weights to do arms followed by 10 min of abs and planks used h30, niteworks and liftoff durring for mental focus, circulation, less lactic acid burn, and hydration

9am recovery endurance shake with straberries

noon mixed greens, walnuts, dried blueberries, balsamic vinagrette, chicken, croutons, 2 bread crisps

3pm almonds and venti skinny vanila latte

5pm almonds

7:45 formula 1 sport, pdm

8:30-10:30 banked track scrimmaging (niteworks, h30, liftoff)

10:30 recovery shake on the way home

summer is coming! if you want Herbalife products, have health goals, performance goals, or you just want to get your RMR, protein factor or learn what to eat before/after practice and games contact me!


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