Food log!

Workin on my B5!

7:00 am Formula 1 2 scoops, 1 scoop PDM

workout!! quadzillas plyoworkout

9am recovery shake (muscle strength and recovery)

1pm shake tea aloe at the club

4pm fajita chicken

5pm salad with pears and blue cheese and chicken

9:30 chicken and b day cake…not together…

tablets i take every day Multivitamin, total control, snack defense, flora fiber, cell activator, herbalifeline, garden 7, cell u loss

Today is an amazing day! I am so fired up about banked track coming to Orange County. I feel like I played a great game this weekend. I LOVE my new league and team. I love what I do. I am just so in love with everything right now! Good thing you arent here or I’d probably be hugging your face off!

“If you dont produce you wont be happy” Jim ROhn

Its so true! How many of us have had a job where you just went, were a body in a chair for 8 hours, got your 8-10$ an hour and just went home. Its aweful. I lived for the weekend. Now between derby and health coaching, I feel like i am creating something. I have projects to work on. I am opening up a nutrtion club in Huntington Beach in the next two months with my awesome OC coaching team. We are building this thing together. Its fun and challenging and frustrating and scary and and and and ….but its amazing and it makes me feel alive. To create.


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