I am so High right now

I am SO HIGH right now.

Like off the ground, amazed with the world HIGH on life. Ever have on of those days where you just LVOE LIVE? I guess i have those days a lot but today just feels good. Its warm out, Everything is crankin. The new derbalife challenge is starting monday and everyone is fired up! Getting ready to go to Tucson this weekend for Dust Devil. My back is feeling infinately better. I got my 12 mile skate on today. Yup I am HIgh on life today.

Food log
7:30 formula 1 cookies and cream , prolessa, peach mango bev mix (yup!)
niteowrks and H30 for 12 mile hour 1hour 15min beach skate
10am beverage mix
made a 101oz jug of water with 1 serving h30 and 2 servings tea to drink all day
noon:30 shake tea aloe from the club
4pm bev mix
6pm salad from el nopal (my fave healthy mexican place!)


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