Traveling, Tournaments and Food logs from the weekend

Wow what an amazing weekend this past weekend was. OCRG took 2nd to Bay Area. I was SO SO proud of my girls. It was fun to watch but SOOOOO hard to just WATCH! I have found that apparently I watch roller derby the same way that I play Super Mario Cart. When I want the jammer to duck, I duck. When I wan a blocker to hit, I lean sideways. I cant wait to get back into contact.

If I dont get to hit someone soon I am probably going to ….well…hit someone…

Its always so fun to watch derby tournaments. Its such a nice switch from what I’m used to for the last few years. LA was all about production value and fans and so much other fluff (and of course good derby too) that sometimes it was easy to lose track of the baiscs. I love these tournaments becuase its just derby. Lots and lots of hard hitting, fast skating, great derby. Food wise, traveling can be tricky if you dont plan ahead, plus there is always yummy but less than stellar things to eat at these events. You dont want to feel like your depriving yourself but at the same time its good to be aware so youre not just eating crap all weekend. The key is to find balance. If you are skating, this is especially important because corn dogs an hour before you game is going to drag you down for sure!

Saturday consisted of: shake, protein bar, shake, pulled pork and kettle corn, hot and sour soup/lettuce cups/chicken veggies and rice/shotglass of chocolate mousse

Sunday was pretty much the same

shake, protein bar, chocolate from Quazillas table (we tried to conver him to tablets and protein bars and lift offs), pulled pork for lunch, kettle corn, shake and trail mix for dinner, small late night salad


7;30 shake
10am Apple and beverage mix
12 shake
3pm bev mix
6pm  sandwich with turkey avacado sprouts, tomatoes and lettuce, side salad, dried apple chips, and 2 pieces of chocolate (just a little but a mandatory part of my program 🙂 )
10pm vanilla PDM in hot water with cinnamon


7:30am bev mix

workout-cardio and some plyos (trying out some of the new challenge workouts!!)

9am formula 1, PDM, 2 cups spinach, frozen straberries and cherries

noon shake

4pm same dinner as the day before

8:30pm trailmix formula 1 ball OMFG these are amazing!


7:30am shake and PDM
H30 and niteworks! 2 hour beach skate and pyramid sprints 
(skating in a circle in an empty parking lot)
10am bev mix
noon formula 1 and PDM
3pm bev mix
6pm sandwich and salad and apple chips and some chocolate
Feeling amazing!

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