What is your art?

Most people, if asked, would not label themselves an artist. What does that mean anyways? Art. Do you need charcoal pencils and heavy grade paper and canvas and oil paints? Do you have to be able to craft poems that move people to tears? I mean what is art really?

I was thinking about this today as I was doing my daily 30 minutes of personal development reading (for those of you who don’t better yourself on a daily basis through reading and acquiring knowledge and inspiration, here’s my suggestion. Go buy a book and start today. “The success principals” by Jack Cannfield is always a good start). Right now i am reading “Lynchpin” by Seth Godin, an awesome easy read that B Train of the infamous Wicked Skatewear suggested I pick up. You’ll notice most successful people do personal develpoment…but thats a rant for another day. 

So, ART. I mean what is are really? Seth defines it as doing something that creates an emotional 
change in others. A way of making an impact. I thought about all the things I do daily that I put 
emotion and care into that positively affect others and i realized, holy shit, I do a lot of art. 
Every wellness profile I do is art. Spending 45 minutes with someone, educating them and helping 
them set goals. Ask any girl I have done a profile with and I would be willing to bet that 99% of 
them left that call or 1:1 meeting in a better state than before we talked. This is art. Human 
interaction is art.

What about your job? You life? What if you treated everything you did as art? Every Latte you made at Starbucks, every greeting you gave as a receptionist, every email you send out to your employees. What if you decided to be an artist at life? Try it for a day. I am telling you, you will end your day feeling like you accomplished more good than in an entire year of just DOING you job.

Wicked Skatewear for example, those ladies embody artistry. From a generic stand point an idiot might say “Well they print t shirts and sell skate gear, skates, and socks.” But is any of us who have had any interaction with these ladies would know these women are ARTISTS. Their craft is jackassery, shenanigans, and making people feel and look awesome. Their products are simply the medium by which they accomplish all their amazingness.

Take Derbalife as a second example. Form the outside what do we do? Customize nutrition programs, sell Herbalife products, and follow-up with people to make sure they’re taking it correctly. But if you ask any skater who has participated in a group program or been coached 1:1 through Derbalife, they will tell you over and over that they are participating in a community of nutrition minded, positive women who better their sport through inspiration, building amazing relationships and provided unbelievable health results. Their medium? Herbalife Products and personal health coaching. Simple as that.

Each of us has a medium by which to do art. You just have to switch your mentality from Android to Artist.

SO what about derby then? Can derby be art? As far as I am concerned every sport is art. Every block can be seen as brutal or beautiful or both. Precision, improvement, challenging yourself to be better, these are the skills of an artist. Derby is a craft, there are skills to be perfected. When you see Bonnie Thunders slip through a tight pack am emerge on the other side as if she’d been there all along, I dare you to tell me that does not evoke emotion. You will be on your feet and cheering before you even realize you ass has left the chair. This my friends is art. So maybe its time you take yourself a little more seriously on the track? Give yourself a little more credit. Every great painter no doubt did their fair share of finger painting before they created a classic right?

You are, after all, an artist. Your craft? Roller Derby.

Food today

(You can get  any of these products that i use in my program from my site by clicking here and you will get customized 1:1 on going coaching and support along with your program or simply click “contact me to the right of this blog!)

8:30 formula 1 prolessa protein drinkmix water

noon 2 servings chicken over fresh spinach, freeze dried straberries

3 chichen and spinach (yup im a creature of habit) cantaloup

6 shake- protein drink mix, formula 1 water, herbal aloe concentrate mango flavor, herbal tea concentrate lemon, and a protein bar


everyday i also take (multivitamin, cell activator, herbaifeline-omega 3, calcium, cell u loss, total control, florafiber, snack defense- all can be accessed through my website listed above)


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