Food Log and Injury Recovery

Being hurt sucks. I havent really been in a position where i i truely cant skate in a few years. I forgot how frustrating and emotional it can be. Its stupid. just plain stupid that my body wont do the things I want it to do right now. Thankfully my ribs arent cracked and after a good session with Dr Rick Fox, one of my favorite people in the world, most of the muscle spasms are gone. Now though, I can very clearly feel my rib out of place. its weird. like someone poking me in the spine. its tiring in some way because you are so hyper aware of your body all day and every movement you make and the repercussions of that movement. We play this sport where we expect so much from our bodies and sometimes I guess we forget that we are not machines and that stuff can get broken.

2 lessons I learned in the last few days:

1) DO NOT SHOULDER BLOCK SOLID PLAYERS IN FLAT TRACK. This is the equivalent of throwing yourself at full speed into a wall. This banked track girl made a total rookie flat tracker mistake (points to self). I went to make a hard sternum block in the 2nd to last jam against a solid blocker and as soon as I made contact POP POP POP POP CRUNCH. Jam ends. I skate off the track and sit down. I do a metal check of the body and something feels wrong. I go to stand up and fall back into my chair. Yup, I’m broken.

2) Friends are awesome! A huge thanks to B Train for holding up my arms and NOT flicking my nipples while I stood there shirtless getting taped after the game. So there I am, sports bra rolled up to my chin, chiro taping my back, B Train facing me trying not to look at my boobs while holding up my arms, and me sounding like a Tourette’s patient everytime my back spasms. “Fuck Me” I keep screaming into B Trains face every 3 second while my body convulses. B Train doing her very best to make me laugh at everything (more ouch) and me going “Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies” just to keep my self from painful laughter. Yup, thats what friends are for.

But injury is part of derby. and pain is part of life. We play a full contact sport and people get hurt. And then we heal. And then we play some more. Its the nature of the sport and, well, of a lot of other things in life too. Love, jobs, what ever. We make choices, we get hurt, and we heal. But but the key is we keep pushing to learn from our mistakes and next time be better than the time before. She who fails forward makes progress.

Check out the OCRG Game


Food Log for yesterday

7:30 am herbalife formula 1 shake, protein drink mix, prolessa

10:30 am dried mango and grilled chicken

12:30 chicken tandori with spinach and brown rice from trader joes

3:30 pm chicken and 2 small apples

6pm herbalife club shake at active nutrition, herbal tea concentrate, aloe

10pm wanted sugar but I’m off candy and crap for 30 days just to prove to myself that I’m not addicted. Its been interesting because there so many times I’ve almost accidently reached for it without thinking which shows me that maybe I need to keep this habit in check. instead i had a formula 1 shake with PDM and water and peaches and apple fiber. YUM!


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