Krissy vs Seattle Pizza

Yesterday went pretty well. First off my family is a big red wine family so that was poured the second we walked in the house. I had 2 sips because we drink the good stuff and casually poured the rest into my sisters glass. Test #1 averted!
Then When my family said oh we’re going for pizza i freaked and my first thought was well I dont want my bro giving me crap so I won’t say anything and just eat it. But then I figured I’ve been Doing too well to blow it! I did the Carla sandoval “grab you fat to remind you why you aren’t eating that junk” and I did lol. I pulled my sister aside and asked her if she thought the fam would we weird if I got a salad. She WAs like “no! Do what you’ve gotta do. They know you’re working hard on yourself”

So here’s how today went

7:00shake Pdm prolessa peaches little bit of bev mix
10:30am shake tea aloe
12:30 peanut butter 4 tbke spoons (i think 2 is A more responsible number)
At the airport usually I get in “oh I’m traveling mode and I’ll grab a big bag of trail mix or even *gasp* McDonalds or a coffee n a treat from Starbucks but because I’m going to be doing more and more traveling I’ve been really working on not associating airports with “meh I’m on vacAtion” so I waited until I got on the plan since I get free food and I knew they had healthy options. I was starving!
4pm veggies and hummus with 8 rice crAckers and a turkey n bri sandwich on wheat (should have taken the bread off) and I teeny toblerone and some puff chips (not fried or potato n this was like “get food in my now” choice. Boo) felt like a perfect amount of food but maybe should have done half a sandwich?
8pm dinner. I feel like it was like a better of 2 options. Ordered a salad with chicken curry on it and said I wasn’t hAving pizza. That went ok. I did decide, because semester at an epic pizza place and they got 3 amazing pizzas, that completely skipping them was also not fair so I had slivers of each one. Omg it was amazing 🙂 I feel like this was a healthy balance between good eating for the body and good eating for the soul lol!!

Finished the night with stomAch is saying “why!?!?! Evil pizza!” lol!

I am pretty sure I woke up with a pizza hangover today.


One comment

  1. Scissor

    Proud of you for allowing yourself some pizza awesomeness! I’m a true believer in small portions of sin. 😉 good for the soul.

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