Don’t Hate The Player or The Game, blame yourself.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” Jim Rohn

Its not that anything is too hard. Its not that anything is unreachable. Its usually just that people dont want to put in the effort to be that good, to make that much money, to lose the weight, to have a great relationship. There is always a path to any goal…some paths are longer than others. In the land of microwaves and text messages, its hard for most people to wrap their heads around long term goals, let alone get started towards them or sticking to them once the excitement of possibility has faded away and the mundance reality of actually doing the work sets in. Its in these moments of “damn it this is hard” that we must find the fire, the why, the no matter what that drives us forward.

While I post a lot of “this day is awesome” and “I love my lifes” on facebook I want tobe perfectly clear on one thing. I have worked my ass off to get where I am today. In Derby, in my career, in my own personal development. So many times I hear “oh well its easy for you, you’re Krissy Krash.” or “Well your just naturally like that.” I’m grateful for the appreciationAnd I’ll smile and say thank you because its what people want to think. Its easy to say she was successful because of who she is but don’t fool yourself, this is a complete cop out. I have gone through the pain, the sweat, the tears, the early mornings, the late nights, the extra practices, the mental push ups to claw my way out of a financial, metntal , and health hole to be where I am today. As Jim Rohn would say “Things don’t just happen, things happen just.”

There was a time 2 years ago that I drew a line in the sand. I decided I was sick of where I was, frustrated with my life and lack of a future and I said no more. No more feeling sorry for myself, no more “well other people just have it easier than I do”, no more letting other people control my life. This was the easiest and hardest decision I’ve ever made. Easy to make, hard to follow through. I cant tell you how many times I’ve sat in my mentors office and cried over the last 2 years. Everytime I say there teary eyed looking to him for the easy answers he would sit quitely and listen to me, ask questions, then listen more and then finally say “Kristen, if it was easy everyone would do it.” And he was and is right. I had 2 choices: give up and go back to $10 per hour at a futureless job or buld my skills as a person and become better.

Anything you want you can absolutely have. This is an empowing and terrifying statement because it means that your are 100% responsible for your life. The lesson Ive learned is if I ever find myself blaming my business partners, blaming my partner, blaming my team, blaming my friends,  my job I just stop and realize that it is me who is the problem, I control the situation. If I dont like my job, I’ll quite, if my health sucks I’ll eat better, if my relationship isnt working Ill either agree to work on it or get a divorce. Its time to take 100% responsibility for my life.  ( Check out Jack Cannfield “The Success Pricnicals)

Food Log!!!

Tablets I take throughout the day everyday: Formula 1 multivitamin, Cell activator, total control, cell u loss, aminogen, florafiber, herbalifeline, thermobond, garden 7, snack defense

6:30am formula 1 chocolate and protein drink mix

fit club!!! then bev mix in the car on the way to Biomechanix to get my cross fit on…did 50,40,30,20,10 reps of jump rope and situps…holy smokes!

11am club shake at active nutrition along with mango aloe concentrate and a green tea!

12:30 1/2 a can of turley chili plus 2 pieces of chicken over raw spinach. for desert, 1/2 a serving of greek yogurt with 1/2 a serving of peach mango bev mix in it to sweeten it and add protein and some peach slices added.

3pm 2 herbalife chicken soup mixes with 3 giant pieces of celery and 8 spears of raw asapargus. 1/2 serving of greek yogurt with bev mix and peach slices

6pm formula 1 chocolate with vanilla protein drink mix

9pm greek yogurt with peaches andpeach mango bev mix


If you want a free wellness profile or a customized program contact and i’ll hook you up! If you just want to order products (I’ll still be contacting you) you can go to my website and order right from there!



  1. Wayne John @ Southern California Web Development

    Well said, and I’ve always believed that most of what people complain about is their own doing. We’re a lot alike, you and me. I know when I’m failing, and why I’m failing. It isn’t because of external circumstances (usually), it’s because of me. My attitude. My effort given towards an issue.

    You’re going to be a success in whatever you do, because of that attitude.

  2. Scissor Sister

    OK…. I keep reading about this Turkey Chili you’re eating.. and I want some pretty bad… what brand is it, and where do you get it? is it high in sodium? I hate high sodium.. it makes me cry.

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