M&M’s, crack…its all the same

I have been doing an amazing job of staying consistent, finding things I LOVE to eat that are heathy for me etc. As a recovering sugar addict (yes Iam admitting it a total binge eating, sweet craving, full blown sugar addict), the program is great because I dont crave sugar like I used to….and I mean CRAVE sugar like a crak head needs crack…It used to be that walking by the fresh baked cookies at the grocery store would make me break out in a nervous sweat and want to binge eat an entire box.  Thanks to some serious food logging and working closely with my coach I have been able to kick the habit.

BUT…. Like any addiction…and any sugaraholics can attest to this….there are situations that can trigger a relaps….So heres what happened yesterday…

I went to drop off some product to my awesome new client in Long Beach. I show up at his office, we chat about his program, how the whole thing works, and what his plan will look like day to day. He’s fired up and I’m stoked! I am about to leave and he goes “Hang on I need to give you something.” He opens a drawer and pulls out a 2 pound bag of peanut M&M’s. I have NEVER seen a bag of M&Ms this big. He hands it to me and says “I’m giving this to you because I can’t throw it away.” I smile and try to hide my shock and fear of OMFGYOUREABOUTTOGIVEACRACKHEADAGIANTBAGOFCRACKANDSENDTHEMAWAY!!!! I try to act normal say “No problem I got you back” and I walk out. On the way out I think “Dude I could totally eat this entire bag of M&M’s. I could spend the rest of my day eating this thing! I would be totaly sick but OMFG it owuld be sooooooo good.” So I sit in my car for about 5 minutes staring at it thinking “eat/dont eat/eat/dont eat.” finally I start to drive away. as I drive my hand (I swear without my control) opens the bag and snags about 5 M&M’s and I eat them. And ohhhh they are so sweet and yummy and I am thinking “No No No No No you have been doing SO well you are finally seeing results! Dont do it!!” Then I find my hand reaching into the bag again. Crap I cant even control myself. I start to panic. I see myself totally blowing everything I have worked so hard for in one 7,000 calorie day. I start sweating and breathing heavy, trying to figure out what the hell to do to stop myself from eating this giant bag of M&Ms.  Its a total breaking point and I make up my mind “NO I AM NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!” and I yank the bag off of my seat and wip it out the window. The rain of rainbow colors is absoutely unreal. I hear them all hitting the ground as hundreds of M&Ms hit the ground and the cars behind me. Horns honk, cars screech but it doesnt matter I can breath again…. I have stood up to my addiction and gave it the big FUCK YOU and I’m free.

OK so maybe this story actually ends with me swerving into a liquor store parking lot , grabbing the bag and dumping it into a trash can before I do any more damage. Either way I am proud of yesterday. Its these moments that catch us off guard, that threaten to break the pattern,  to ruin our progress and to take us back to square one. I dont expect everyone who reads this to understand what I was feeling and how huge this moment was but for those of you  who suffer from addition to sugar, booze, unhealthy thoughts, anything…I hope you know that we all struggle and that you CAN do it. You can kick it. And it might never be easy but it can be done.

Todays Foodlog

6:30am formula 1 shake 2 scoops of cookies and cream and Protein drink mix with 8oz water


9:00 greek yogurt and blackberry

workout-10 min jumprope, 30 min lifting upper body, 20 min elliptical

10:3am post workout herbalife beverage mix!

noon 1/2 a can of turkey chili, plus 3 small pieces of chicken, over a bed of spinach with some raw asparagus to munch on AND Herbalife herbali tea concentrate  (check out the sideways photo of my yummy lunch!)

 3pm greek yogurt with black berries

6pm herbalife shake (Formula 1 plus ODM plus prolessa)

9pm protein snack!

If you want a free wellness profile or a customized program contact Krissy.healthandwellness@gmail.com and i’ll hook you up! If you just want to order products (I’ll still be contacting you) you can go to my website http://www.shopherbalife.com/adolfi and order right from there!



  1. Liz Vicious

    Thanks for posting this, Krissy! It’s hard to believe M&Ms could taunt you, of all people. I have to give the evil eye to sweets all the time. This is great inspiration!

  2. Scissor Sister

    Funny blog!

    I too suffered from sugar/carb addiction! Since starting Herbalife, I hardly ever have the cravings anymore.. thank goodness!!

  3. Wayne John @ Southern California Web Development

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Aw crap Krissy, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I didn’t mean to break you down like that, but…it made for a very entertaining read!

    I was totally not thinking when I gave you those!

    Crap, I have to go wipe the smile from my face now. The next time I see M&M’s rolling down the road from someone that tossed em out the window, I’m going to think of you. HAHA

  4. boxybrown818

    Love this!! My boss stops once a week for fast food on our way to work. I was a fry junkie!!! I remember the first time she did it shortly after getting on my program I thought I was going to die or grab her food and throw it out the window haha! Now it’s much easier.

  5. David

    Ohhh my gawwd Kristen this had me laughing soo hard my sides hurt!

    I’m so happy you beat this, way to go!!

    I know just how fortunate I am that I didn’t inherit my mother’s sweet tooth, or any serious cravings, I would just eat like crap cause I didn’t care and it was what was there. Which isn’t at all better, to be sure.

    Toooo funny!

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