Goals, Weekends and Preplanning

OMFG So i have been kicking ass on my program and so I decided since I seem to be coming down with a serious case of SICK ABS (he he) I decided to jump on the scale… just to see….aaaaannnd 199.5lbs! BAM I have hit my March 1st goal of under 200lbs and beat the deadline by 2.5 weeks!

I know we say dont focus on the number and its true. You cannot obsess over the number because A) we are athletes and we have muscle and B) How you feel about yoursel fis the most important thing. Weighing once a week is fine or every couple of weeks to monitor progress but anything more than that is going to make you crazy. Please pay attention to your body and the things you are putting in it. If you see yourself making less than stellar choices and you dont feel like you are makng progress towards skating faster, building muscle, having better energy or losing wieght (whatever your goal might be), then stepping on the scale is not a good idea. However, if you are kicking ass and staying consistent with your program, then go ahead and follow your progress. As athletes, our pants size will tell us more than the scale sometimes.

Weekends!! AGH!! I always run the risk of losing my great eating consistency on the wekends so I have started really planning things out. Pinpointing when I’m likely to lose it, like the OCRG after party tomorrow night with all its beer and pizza and hotwings. SO I am pre planning and buying some yummy healthy snacks to bring with me. Also, I plan out what I am going to eat and what time I am going to eat it. It just helps me because other wise I eat when I am anxious and thats not ok. So tonight I’ll just figure out the weekend, WRITE IT DOWN, and then follow it.

If you feel like you are stuggling with staying consistent, talk to your coach. They would be more than happy to support you and give you ideas for preplanning. Lately I have been emailing my coach nightly and telling her what I’ll eat and when the next day and then filling her in on how it went for that day. I think it ends up being more of a food journal/outlet for me but it holds me accountable knowing that someone else is reading it. No one is going ot chase you down and make you reach our goals, it is your responsibilty to reach out for help. You’ll be glad you did.

Dont have a coach? Hit me up @ krissyKrash.Derbalife@gmail.com ! I am currently accepting 10 new clients (skaters, refs, or fans) this month to coach towards their goals.

What I ate today
6:30am formula 1 shake 4 scoops of cookies and cream with 8oz water frozen straberries and Prolessa (my new favorite Herbalife product!)

workout-20 min jumprope, 30 min lifting upper body, 20 min elliptical

9:30am cottage cheese and berries

noon Herbalife formula 1 plus Protein drink mix (see www.shopherbalife.com/adolfi to snag these or contact me directly)

 3pm a can of 99% fat free turkey chili over fresh spinach

6pm Baja fresh salad with chicken! easy 30 g protein and 300 calories

9pm berrries and cookies and cream shake sauce….mix 2 scoops formula 1 cookies and cream with a small amount of water to make a thick sauce and pour over 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and stir. formual one freezes over the cold berries and its like amazing low fat icecream. my new nightitme obsession

If you want a free wellness profile or a customized program contact Krissy.healthandwellness@gmail.com and i’ll hook you up! If you just want to order products (I’ll still be contacting you) you can go to my website http://www.shopherbalife.com/adolfi and order right from there!


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