Nike Throwdown!

I guess I should post these for anyone who doesnt know, Iron Maiven, Gori Spelling and I as well as a few others were in a Nike Commercial. Heres the link to both versions. Yay! Nike Throwdown Commericals Filming was pretty short and sweet. Took us only a few ours. Totally brought me back to the Whip It days of early mornings and craft services and sitting around waiting in roller skates. It was a fun experience and I hope maybe just maybe I get to keep on doing this kind of stuff!

Food Log today!

6:15am formula 1 shake 4 scoops of cookies and cream with 8oz water frozen straberries and Porlessa (my new favorite Herbalife product!)

workout-VO2 test then 40 min cardio and legs
10:30am chicken and celery (forgot my cottage cheese at home so i had my pm snack for my am snack) then my buddy sean brought my a protein bar I freaking ❤ that boy.

noon a can of 99% fat free turkey chili

3pm I am having a shake from the club today since i had my PM snack this moring. 200 cal 24g protein. Yeah!
6pm shake! yup another one cuz I love them and its a busy day!
9pm something with protein
If you want a free wellness profile or a customized program contact and i’ll hook you up! If you just want to order products (I’ll still be contacting you) you can go to my website and order right from there!


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