Why do you derby?

“Before we can control health care costs, we have to improve health. If you don’t have disease, you don’t have health care costs. Where do you want to put your money? The best place to put the money is in improving people’s health. It starts with nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and having a culture of health in an organization.”
-Michael Critelli

Dr. Rick Fox read me the quote above today and I was SO moved by it. It really speaks to the direction that we need to go as a culture. I feel like everythign I do with Roller Derby and everything our coaches do with Derbalife is so connected to this. So many women join roller derby as a way to get fit, lose weight, meet friends, liven up their lives. We are a derby community that is based around athletics. Derbalife has been such a perfect addition to everythign we do in derby because we are no creating a culture of healthy active lifestyle and nutrition. It makes me feel so good to know  that we are empowering women to make healthier choices and better their lives, that these women as a result will be more likely to stay off the health care map, to skip the type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and in turn to teach their families to be healthier. They’ll have happier relationships with the people around them because they feel good about themselves….And I get to be apart of that. 🙂

Food Log today!

7:15am formula 1 shake 4 scoops of cookies and cream with 8oz water

workout-40 min cardio 20 min lifting (derbalife forlife challenge arms) –

9:30am greek yogurt and Herbalife apple fiber complex (make yummy apple flavored greek yogurt)

noon Formula 1, protein drink mix and prolessa

3pm herbalife soup mix, cucumber, canned chicken

6pm turkey chili and spinach

9pm protein snack maybe.

If you want a free wellness profile or a customized program contact Krissy.healthandwellness@gmail.com and i’ll hook you up! If you just want to order products (I’ll still be contacting you) you can go to my website www.shopherbalife.com/adolfi and order right from there!


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