New Years, New You…. or try again in 2012?

How many times have you sworn up and down that this is THE year? That this is YOUR YEAR! The Year you turn around your finances and health and love life and everything else…then 12 months later you are like “OK now THIS is REALLY my year!”
What happenes to us? Why are we so quick to give up, to try again next year? To be so empowered and inspired when the clock strikes 12 and then 2 weeks later be back to your old ways?

So here are my top 5 tips to make 2011 really acutally for sure your best year yet:

1. Write down your goals, put them where oyu see them every day and tell people about them
2. Chunk it down-Make an acton plan to meet your goals
3. Have an accountabilibuddy or a coach (like me!)- those who do things with a partner increase their chances for success
4. Do personal development to improve your head game- I recommend Jim Rohn or Jack Cannfield. I recooment “The Success principals” “The compound effect” and “The cashflow quadrant”
5. Have a gratitude journal- Each night write down 2 things you are grateful for, 2 things your are proud of and 2 things you are manifesting.

If heath goals are on your list this year, contact me for a free health profile and goal setting session!
If financial goals are on your list this year contact me for full and part time options in LA and all over the United states. My business is blowing up right now and we are looking for coaches all over the country to run our group and 1:1 programs.

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