Cross training, Nutrition, Herbalife Icecream, Bodyfat Testing

I begin training for my first full marathion on October 1st. I am pretty fired up about it and kinda nervous too. Its funny but every since i truely decided I was going to run the LA marathon in March, I have been meeting people who are running it too. Interesting how the world works like that. I did a great spin class yesterday and body pump (weight lifting class) today. Definately still a little sore but as per usual, I prefer acvtive recovery over sitting on my butt.

We had the dunk tank truck at Active Nutrition, my west LA nutrition club yesterday and on a whim I decided to test, just to see. originally i wasnt going to do it because I knew I had been slacking off all summer, not sticking to my usual program (eating out more and drinking quite a bit more than usual), and my gym membership was cancelled for 3 months so i hadnt been to the gym. I was sure it was going ot be aweful. Turns out only 25% body fat. I had put on 1.5 pounds of fat all summer and even gained a pound of muscle. Not too shabby. Goes to show you that even half assing the Herbalife program is good for ya! Betwen now and our next retest in 90 days, I am shooting for 21% body fat. Thats about 10lbs of fatloss which doesnt sound like much but have you ever seen what 10 lbs of fat looks like?!??! The lady in this phot is holding 5lbs of fat. I am gonna drop 2 of those.

*****I want to stress to ALL skaters who are working on their nutrition woman, athletes DO NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT THE SCALE.******* It is a big fat liar when it comes to what is going on in your body for the most part. When you are putting on muscle, the scale will go up. Even if you are dropping fat while putting on muscle the scale may go up. Get over it. This is something I struggle with constantly. Looking at the scale and seeing 205 lbs is a scary thing, untill I get hydrostatic tested and see that over 157lbs of it is lean body mass.

 Unless you have significant weight to lose, just put that sucker in the closet. Hydrostatic testing is a good way to see how much fat vs muscle you have. There are plenty of places to have it done and it usually costs about $30-50.

Nutrtion wise, yesterday was great! I kept to my 3-2-1 and adjusted a little for the massive calorie burn of a spin calss and 3 hours of derby. I hit 1800 calories 180 grams of protein ((maybe a litte high but I Looooove chicken!), 190 grams of carbs and 35 grams of fat. This is pretty much a perfect balance for me interms of having the energy I need to get through a busy day.  Heres what I ate:

7am preworkout mini herbalife formual 1 shake

9:30am herbalife formula 1 shake with HLF personalized protein owder and berries

11am 1/2 a PBandJ sandwich on lite wheat bread with sugar free jelly

3pm El Nopal checf salad (lettuc, avacado, pinto beans, tomatos, onions, and sals for dressing

6pm chicken and franks red hot sauce and some black beans (a yummy mix i make in my crockpot) and fresh baby carrots and a protein bar

9:30pm formula 1 shake  with protein drink mix  in between league practice and out team private practice

10:30 pm protein bar

11:30 2oz chicken with hot sauce (couldnt help it, franks red hot is my crack!

AND! OMG! I MADE Herbalife Icecream today!!!! Yeah. 2 cups of it is 250 calories, 24 grams of protein, 11 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fat!!!! Yeah that happened.



  1. Randy Ramos

    Carbohydrate food can get full and they are cheap, but it does not have nutrition. I heard meat has lots of nutrition and it can make stomach full, so I eat meat. But they cost lot, and tastes get board.

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