Finding Love

There are so many people who blindly walk through life on autopilot. Every day is a means to an ends. People know what they dont want but do it anyways. They talk about what they dream of but never take action because stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is scary. What most people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take massive action to get things going in the direction you want them it, it just takes little things done every day.

The key is to just lean into it. Following your dreams can be scary, but it’s scary like the point on a rollercoaster just as start speeding towards the ground. You know its risky, but its controlled risk. You do it for the thrill. You laugh while you scream. Life blows by you and for a moment, it’s not the outcome that matters. We do these things to be present, to feel the now, to remind us that we are alive. Thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, they do it to feel life.

It’s too easy to float by in the world. To slip into the numbing state of someday, of tomorrow, of if only, of yeah but. Living for today is what matters. Not irresponsibly, not blow your savings and leave your family living for today. Instead, find that thing that is your rollercoaster. Whatever it is that makes the NOW worth being in. What draws you into your body, your mind, and allows you to feel joy and fulfillment today. Don’t lose focus on whats right in front of you, this moment. Do not forsake the present for the horizon.

I’ve spent years working my ass off to pay my bills and living for the weekend. Never really liking what I do 60 hours a week, finding solace in derby and brief vacations to see my family but predominantly I was just board and frustrated all the time. This past year and half has been a dream. Its like I’m breathing for the first time in years. Every day I wake up thrilled to get the day going. Excited about the work that I am doing and the people I am helping.

Me, I’ve fallen in love with my life.



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