Planning Ahead

Everything runs smoother when i plan ahead. If I create my schedule the night before, I wake up knowing what I’m doing all day. If I grocery shop for the week, I dont have to second guess what I’m having for dinner. Even mapping out practices and meetings for the month makes my life loads easier!

Last night I went to bed without doing me schedule and today I’m sleightly running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Its interesting how when one piece of the puzzle falls apart, the others tend to get a little fuzzy too. FacePalm.

I did make an amazing shake this morning after 6am spin class. Frozen blackberries, Formula 1 shake, protein drink mix, ice and water. I made it super thick and ate it with a spoon! YUM!

I am pretty excited about today! We are doing inservices in local businesses, offering free lunch, wellness profiles and info about our programs. So far they have beena huge hit! This picture is from yesterday at an inservice. We had some extra tea and the college girl in me couldnt resist. Ahhh a pitcher and a straw…those were some interesting times…. If your work is interested in a free lunch, let me know !


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