Wow what a weekend! The game was SO fun. The AZ girls and their guests were a blast to play against. Even though there was quite a point spread, we all played hard untill the end.  I played quite possibly the best game of my life on saturday! I did not get ejected, I had a 10 point jam, AND i pulled off a move ive been working on forever! check out the video clip . Then on Sunday, we climbed Mt Baldy which was rediculous. Its a 12 mile 6000 ft elevation change hike. My heels started to blister about 3 miles in and I had to decide to either give up or push through the pain. Needless to say I made it to the top but it took a lot more mental strength than I thought I had. 

Key nutrtion components to both the game and the hike were H3O, Liftoff, Niteworks (combine all 3 and GO GO GO), as well a formula 1 healthy meal and protein drink mix

 I was super hungry all morning today but it was mostly just dehydration so I drank a ton of water and mango aloe concentrate . I think today is also a catch up day food wise after major expenditure yesterday. Including 2 shakes, penautbuttewr and jelly sandwich, 2 fresh raw ears of corn, chocolate cheerios, herbalife chicken soup mix with whole wheat cous cous, yogurs with granola and berries.

Every part of me wants to go workout right now. I am dying to strap on my skates and do some sprints but i know, in the long run, an easy rest day is the best thing for me. Ill go full force again tomorrow.


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