Went to spin class again today. It was awesome! I love sweating my ass off. I also did some light arms and abs. Since it was chilly out this morning, I made 2 scoops of Herbalife protein drink mix with hot water and cinnamon for breakfast pre workout (220 calories, 30g protein).

Post workout I made a beverage mix (90 cal 15g protein) for immediately after. Loooove this stuff! It’s like fruit juice with protein in it. Yum! At home it was bev mix and cheerios (my new fav after a hard workout… Can’t really justify it any other time).

Today was a great example of balancing heathy eating with life. Natallia, Cynthia and I went to mamma’s pizza for lunch to have a meeting… I know… Health coaches meeting at a pizza place? But trust me the meatballs and garlic bread are worth the calories. I had a shrimp salad too. Over all about an 800 calorie meal. This isn’t going to sabotage my plan because I had a shake for breakfast, I’ll do another for dinner and 2 protein based snacks. It’s the best part of the 321 program. I get to eat the good stuff and still maintain balance.

I’m optimistic about our October photo shoot. I’m looking forward to some ripped abs. The key will be keeping it simple (3-2-1) and finding variety in my meals, snacks, and workouts.

Ok readers, what are your goals? Post away!!!


One comment

  1. boxybrown818

    I really love this post. For me I tend to hyper-focus on if I have made a poor food choice and then ruin the rest of my day by going into “eff it” mode.

    My goal is to work on personal development!

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