Not too shabby

I think i did pretty well over the weekend over. there was some beer and some BBQ but that is just to be expected of a holiday weekend. there was also some kyaking and kickboxing to lessen the effects of the less than stellar eating.
I’m ready for a kick ass week. I plan on sticking to my 3-2-1 nutrition program (hit me up if you want the details), kicking some ass at derby this week and hittin up a few spin and kickboxing classes for good measure.

I started off my morningwith yogurt on my way to the gym, an hour spin class followed by a yummy breakfast of champions! (Herbalife protein drink mix (220 caloriess 30 g protein) with some cereal in it (100 calories,3 g protein). Shake is way better for me than milk right?

Bring it on Tuesday, I’m ready!

This afternoon I had 2 string cheese and an apple for a snack (16 g protein and 190 cal) then for lunch I had an herbalife chicken soup mix with whole wheat cous cous and half an avacado (250 cal 20 g protein). i had a shake for a PM snack and I’ll have another one for dinner since I’ve got a crazy evening ahead then once i get home i’ll have another snack..chicken or maybe celery and naturally more peanutbutter. we are launching out next community weightloss challenge tonight. Its so fun to educate the community about nutrition.

This day has been SO busy. I am so glad I preplanned my meals. keeping portable things like a small container of shake mix, string cheese, etc makes it a no brainer.

Now all I have to do is repeat for the next 45 days and I’m golden!


One comment

  1. sweet tater

    Hey girl, what is this 3-2-1 program you speak of? I’m just starting a new, personal body challenge today and I’m lookin for all the help I can get!

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