Kicking it into High Gear

So I’m back. I’ve decided to revive the Hotter In Your Hotpants blog for yet another fun little count down. Posting all my goals and activities keeps my ass accountable and from the comments I’ve recieved in th past, aparently its pretty helpful to some of you all too!

48 days! Thats all I have. My friend Laura and I are getting our asses into sweet shape for Extravaganza. We figure if we’re going to rep Herbalife all over Los Angeles and the rest of the world, we better look the part! I am shooting to lose 10 lbs I suppose but really its more about getting lean and toned. I want to build speed and endurance too. Thankfully we are running the Derbalife Skate Faster Chellenge right now and I have about 100 girls to keep me pumped as we all work together on our speed. 

Food Log today!

7am protein drink mix 220 cal, 30g protein
30 min elliptical
8:30am bomb ass herbalife shake (cafe late with 1 scoop protein drink mix) 200 cal 24 g protien
9:45am 1/2 an avacado, herbalife soup mix 225 cal 17.5 g protein


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