Day 90: My Official Numbers, After Photo, and Final Thoughts

                           Beginning                        Day 30                          Day 60                   Day 90                        TOTAL

Height 6′1

Weight            213 lbs                              205lbs                          202lbs                    203lbs                           10lbs (13+lbs of fat)

Bust                  40 in                                  38 1/2 in                        37 1/2 in          36 1/2in                                   3 1/2 in

Waist                 36 in                                 33 1/4 in                       32 1/2 in             32 in                                                 4 in

Hips                  47in                                 45 1/2 in                         45 in                     44 in                                                 3in

Leg               24 1/4 in                                23 in                                23 in                  23 1/2 in                                            1 in

Arms              12 1/2 in                            12 1/4in                         12 in                      11 1/2in                                           1 in

Total weight lost, 10 lbs but after hydrostatic testing a few weeks ago, we learned I was dropping body fat and building muscle even while the scale wasn’t budging.

 That’s it kids. I did it…well sort of…. The original goal was 25 lbs in 90 days and 13.1 miles plus a game in one day. Though I didn’t reach my original goal, I did push myself beyond what I thought my body was capable of athletically and it pleasantly surprized me. So, I would like to take a moment to do something that not many women  do often enough and that is to thank and acknowledge my body for being pretty darn awesome just the way it is and for doing all the amazing things it has over the last 3 months.

I know most of my readers are skaters/athletes in some form or another and I do what to spend a little time in closing here talking about weight, image and performance. As females there is a lot of pressure on us to be rail thin and cellulite free. We are bombarded with massively photo shopped images of what the female form “should” look like. In turn, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to become these fabricated women. We go on crash diets, we kill ourselves at the gym, we do cleanses, we skip meals. A result of this losss of muscle, decrease in performance, and injury. This is NOT what being strong and beautiful is all about. Every person out there has qualities that make them beautiful and unique and it is important to take time every day to see these parts of yourself.

As skaters in the derby community, we all want to improve out performance. Hit harder, skate faster, (yes) look hotter in our hot pants. But the key is to do it in a healthy way that supports your body and your mind. This is why I established Derbalife (Health Coaching, Support and Education paired up with Herbalife Nutrition Programs specificialy designed for Roller Derby skaters and other athletes) in the first place. There are so many skaters out there who just don’t have the time or know how to find a way to be a healthy, strong athlete. If you are a skater who is thinking you want to shed just a few pounds, please contact me because likely….as I found out through this process it’s not about the number on the scale. You body will change as you start treating it better and, as an athlete, you will probably put on muscle and maybe that scale wont budge. Do not let that discourage you. Do your measurements. Be  in tune with how your body feels and changes. Don’t let the scale dictate your life. Don’t buy into the bullshit in the media. Love youself. And if you do find that you are in an unhealthy place right now and you have a significant goal to reach, have no energy, are injured, have asthma, allergies, etc, I would love to support you through the process of finding a healthy balance in life that puts you right where you want to be athletically, physically, and emotionally. Bottom line is I LOVE ROLLER DERBY and I want to support any and every skater, ref, super fan, and anyone else out there in the world who wants to be the best they can be.

NOTE:  One thing I refuse to do for my after photo for this project is to spend the next few weeks starving myself and eating nothing but chicken just for the sake of saying “heres my after photo!” like they do for a lot of health and fitness products. No. I will show you straight up what I look like 90 days later. Through all the slip ups and fun times. I did this in a realistic way that included chocolate, pizza, AND beer… all in moderation of course. Because what it all comes down to is living your life in a way that you can enjoy it without hurting yourself and your health.

For support, questions, free wellness evaluations (available for anyone anywhere in the world), or if you would like to come visit Active Nutrtion, my nutrition cafe in West LA for a free shake, tea and aloe please contact me at 562.883.4493 or

Picture will be posted as soon as I take it today.

Much Derby Love,


PS Keep your eyes peels for my next 90 day adventure! A triathelon perhaps? I will also be hooking up with to write a weekly piece about fitness and nutrtion. AND go check out the Derbalife page on



  1. Roxy Horror

    This just gets me more excited about the upcoming challenge!! I need to figure out where I can get body fat stats in my area.


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