Day 85: Hit by a Truck…No wait it was just 13.1 miles and a Roller Derby Game

Yesterday was absolutely unbelievable.

I was nervous as hell when I got to the race. I was there early and got a chance to make an epic running play list. I havent been that nervous since my first banked track game. I started panicking about my shins and what if I wasnt ready for hills and what if i couldn’t finish and all sorts of madness. So i called Jason and he assured me I was well-trained and ready to go.

The race its self was amazing. It was an absolutely beautiful run through the winerys in Malibou/Calabasis. There werent a ton of people..maybe 500 running the race. Since it wasnt too crowded and it spread out pretty quickly I didnt have to focus on my jammer skills and my running skills at once just to settle into my pace. When I hit mile 1 I was stoked when my iphone told me I was hitting an 11 minute pace. This was 30 seconds faster than what I was shooting for as my over all average. The first few miles were all about finding a comfortable pace and gate for up and down hill. I tried watching the other runners as they ran down hill to see how they stepped because I was afraid of burning up my shins with big heavy foot falls.  As I continued, i fell into rhythem and my pace started to drop. Stoked. I WAS DOING IT!

In derby when you set up for that first jam of your first game ever you are scared as hell. Then whistle blows and you realize, “Oh, right. I know this game. It’s just like practice.” Same thing with running. At mile 5 I had tackled the big hill and realized the rest was just mild ups and downs. It no longer became about just finishing but I really wanted to hit a good time. The key to distance running is to start slow and pick up speed as you go. So I gradually picked it up as I went. Not pushing myself but allowing myself to run at a comfortable pace. I hit a wall at mile 7 and sucked down half my “catch me if you can” which gave me an extra boost for the final half of the run. 

When I hit those last 3 miles, I took Jason’s advice and made it a game of who can I pass. I would just look ahead, pick a person and just focus on passing them, then pick a new person to pass. By the last 1/2 mile this girl didn’t seem so excited about me passing her so we both ended up picking it up a bit, staying neck and neck. The last 1/4 mile I opened up, full-out sprint to the finish. It was slightly down hill and I think I was spending more time with both feet off the ground bounding that I was with a foot on the ground. I crossed the finish line seeing 2:12 on the clock!!!

Here are my splits and the map for the run. The average time is off and the distance too because I accidently hit start again as I was walking to the shuttle to my car. But you can see the splits and also how I chunked it down into 3 mile sections.

I am so excited and proud of this race. I absolutely want to do more of these. 13 miles seems like nothing now. Its funny but I hear all these people say “Wow, I cant even run 3 miles, let alone 13.” But heres the kicker. I couldnt either. The biggest difference between us is 3 months ago I decided that even though I couldnt at the time, I was going to be able to in the future. This works with anything if you are willing to work hard enough. And I was. And I did.

*Soak race shirt with water in bathroom, wipe down body, put on fancy dress and heels, BAM fancy Krissy if off to the OC*

 I had to haul ass to Orange County for an herbalife event. The speaker at the training was a man named John Tartol, he is #4 in the company and has been around since the beginning of herbalife. Such an amazing business man but the best part is, he’s just a regular, nice guy. He used to be in a band, then decided to get a “real job” but instead ended up in herbalife and now makes millions. I love these events because everyone there understands the bigger picture. We are all there with 2 specific goals 1) To help other people with their health 2) To teach other people learn how to make a living helping other people with their health.

There were SO many people we had to split into two trainings because the radisson banquet room couldnt hold us all. I got there and Jason and LP had saved me a seat. So I got to settle in between two of my favorite people and hear this amazing training. AND I was recognised as the top producer in this regional event. My business did over $13,000 last month.  Having a man like John Tartol look at you in surprise in a room of hundreds of people and say “Whats your name?” is an amazing feeling.

Ok 3:30. Event is over and I am running out the door, heels and fancy dress and all, headed to the doll factory to take on team legit. I was a little worried about how I would feel for this game. I was pretty over heated but energy wise I felt amazing! I munched on my usual 2 hour burrito and some protein bars to try to keep up with all the calories I had burned.

The game was tough. Those girls hit effing hard. Demanda Riot is now my new non-LA arch rival. She doesnt know it…but she is. The pack work was amazing, they were busting out strategy that we were not used to playing against and there were pile ups galore. The score stayed close the whole time. It was a combination of playing a good and unfamiliar team AND playing with a team of leaders that made it a little rough to get into my groove. I couldnt seem to find a position that was working for me in terms of feeling effective and not getting penalties. I got benched in the first half for accumulating 5 penalty points. Thankfully it was an inter league game and penalties are wiped at half time. For the second half we decided I would just jam since i was accumulating fewer penalties as a jammer than a blocker. This was the first time I have ever been used as just a jammer instead of a 50/50 skater. It was awesome….especially with the packs of blockers we were throwing up there. Hearing you are jamming with Haught Wheels, PITA, Titty and Amber as the ones getting you through the pack makes you feel pretty safe. Final Score 124 to 131 (I think?). It came down to the last jam. WOW what an exciting game!!! you can access it for a few more days at

I was feeling good right after the game but as the adrenaline wore off I started fading fast. I made it through about 30 minutes of after party before I headed home.

So here I am. Day after the EPIC day that I spent the last 3 months training for and all I can think about is “whats next?” I think I have turned into a challenge junkie. Things on my list of things I want to do/play next: triathlon (theres a sprint tri this summer), women’s rugby (just found a league in santa monica), ice hockey, full marathon, mountain biking, shoe less running (have you seen these amazing NOT shoes? I am so buying a pair), scuba diving.

This list will keep getting bigger and the items will keep getting checked off. I challenge everyone to make this list. Dont be the “wow thats so cool that you could….but I could never” person. I decided 2010 is the year to do things I am not so sure I can do. Why? becuase staying in the comfort zone is not the way life should be lived. Learn new things, accept challenges. Dont just stand on the side lines and cheer.



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