Day 81!!! Forgetting the scale AND pairing up with

Wow, 81 days I have been at this now. 9 days till this whole thing is over. The race is this Saturday and I am kind of nervous. I over did it sprinting the other day and now my shins are sore. I have been taking herbalifeline like crazy to get them ready for the big day. I am confident that I wll finish the race no problem and I am hoping that the shins will be kind and let me do it in a good time.

Its time to hunker down and get ready for the end game. 9 days left and I am working on getting nice and lean for my after photo.

TIP:  The key to dropping body fat is to keep your carbs low at night….yes beer is a carb. sorry folks. I am doing lots of formula1/protein drink mix combo shakes, cottage cheese, hard boiled egg whites, herbalife soup mix, spinach, and carrots. Not all together of course.

I am already getting excited about my next 90 days and setting some less weight related goals. The next 90 days will be all about dropping body fat and building muscle vs focusing on pounds AND prepping for a sprint triathelon and really focusing on improving my derby game.  Also, I am excited to announce that Derbalife and HotterinYourHotPants will be pairing up with ! After april, HotterinYouHotPants will become part of a new and fun upcomming derby community called Its a fun new site with blog spots, info about leagues and bouts across the country and a ton more!


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