Da 72: On the Wagon?

I just spent the most amazing 4 days in Baton Rouge training Red Stick Roller Derby. The league was amazing, such an awesome group of girls. Its refreshing to see a league of girls with so little drama and such a huge love of the game. I was super nervous my first night training. You walk into a group of strng women and think “Wow, I hope they dont think I’m full of it.” Once we all started to get to know eachother it was a whole lot easier. There is a level of trust you have to build when teaching anyone about anything. So I tried my best to give them everything I could cram into 6 hours on the track and a whole lotta drunen advice at the bar.

I should mention that I did pretty well nutritionally while I was there. My hotel didnt have internet so I couldnt keep the blog updated. I started every mornign with a shake and I managed to sneak 2-3 shakes in evey day. I kept my meals pretty decent. I came into the weekend knowing there would be atleast one night of drinking that would happen. As I have gone through this whole 90 day precess there are 2 very important things I have learned about myself 1) I am not as unhappy with my body as every magazine tells me I shoudl be 2) I will not sacrafice life for the sake of the scale. Now dont take this as “Krissy says I should eat what I want and drink the night s away cuz I cant give up life fo rthe scale.” No. Thats not the point. But to go to a place like Baton Rouge on St. Parttys day weekend and not have a green beer or two…or 3 would be a tragedy.

All in all a life changing weekend. I made some great new friends and I am already plotting my next visit.

Today is back to business as usual:

7:30am Herbalife Protein Drink Mix

30 min cardio and abs

9:30am recovery shake

12pm cottage cheese with sugar free maple syrup and berries (my new obsession)



  1. Sweet Tater

    you rock krissy! we so enjoyed your stay and appreciate all your help more than you know!! i wish i could have skated while you were here, i hate being injured 😦 but i took good notes so i can do all those drills you taught us when i can skate again! hope you come back soon!

    love, tater ❤

  2. Tricky

    Krissy! We miss you already. Thanks for coming, and for listening to my drunken ramblings and giving great advice. I’ll see you at ROLLERCON!

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