Day 66:Blow to the Dome

Today didnt end up exactly as I had hoped. I woke up feeling light headed and headachy still. Damn you Killo! I will avenge myself soon though.

I decided to rest up for the morning see if I could kick the headache. I made the most amazing snack. So amazing infact that I ate it 3 times today! I made shake pudding with vanilla formula 1, then added pumpkin spice and sugar free maple syrup. I chopped up a whole apple into pieces and tossed that in too. It was UH-MAZE-ING.  Hit me up for the full directions on how to make it

so basicly in my not so coherent state I had the for breakfast along with 2 hard boiled egg whites, the same apple goodness for lunch and then again later on in the day. Followed by turkey pot roast for dinner and a herbalife protein bar for desert.

On a positive note, we opened the club yesterday! Today was the first day I worked in it. It was SO fun! There were lots of people in and out the whole time. If any readers are interested in coming down to check it out, you can either contact me directly to set up an appointment at or send a text to 562.883.4493 or drop by the club :Active Nutrition 3268 1/2 motor ave, los angeles 90034 (make sure to tell them you are there to set up an appointment with me and you will get a free shake, tea, and aloe).


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