Day 65: Mind vs Body

What an amazing long weekend of derby! Between my 11 mile run and a gazillion hours of derby this weekend plus the game saturday, I definately pushed the limits between what I want to do and what my body can actually handle. Saturday and Sunday were pretty busy but I know both consisted of two shakes, some nuts, a few bar, a chicken wrap and maybe a few slices of pizza Saturday night and some amazing vegan food and vegan trail mix cookies on Sunday.

Yesterday i took a hard crack to the jaw from Killo durring out flat track scrimmage (yet another reminder that getting health insurance needs to be higher up on my priority list). I was out all day today with a massive migrane thanks to the blow to the dome and so my eating was kind of random today. Turns out my jaw was out of line, thus throwing off my sinuses, thus the epic headache all day. Dr. Rick righted the situation thankfully and I am feeling 100X better.

8:30am hard boiled egg whites and protein bar

10am hard boiled egg whites, almonds and cranberries (like 5 servings)

2pm shake pudding

6pm chai tea

10pm cottage cheese.

I am finally all rested up and ready to charge 6 miles tomorrow!


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