Day 61: Fit-Tastic

Holy Moly! This was a fit-tastic day!! I cut 19 minutes off of my run between now and the last time I ran it two weeks ago. PLUS I trained 2 hours of derby camp and I had the pleasure of taking Smarty Pants’ fancy footwork class.

Nitrition wise, I planned out the day but ended up with a few extras. With all the activity, its wont kill me.

7:30am shake 90 cal 9 g protein

Pre/Durring run bev mix/catch me if you can 90 cal 15 g protein. usually i am starving after a run but this bit of protein really helped!

post run10am almonds/cranberries, a small apple 250 cal 6 g protein. this was great little recovery snack

11:30 am 1 hard boiled egg while, shake pudding 150 cal 18 g protein

1pm @ the doll factory almonds and cranberries 200 cal 6 g protein, 6 egg whites with franks hot sauce and a little mayo (YUM), some raw asparagus 200 cal 20 g protein

2pm 1 package peanuts 300 cal, 10 g protein

3pm package small bar 170 cal 6 g protein

4:30 pm peanuts 300 cal, 10 g protein

6pm small bar 170 cal, 6 g protein, shake and some cottage cheese 280 cal 32 g protein

10:30 pm herbalife chicken soup mix 80 cal 16 g protein

2280 cal 148 cal protein

Actually, now that I am adding all this up, I did a really great job today! Yay me 🙂 I had been conting in my head all day and I had totally over estimated the number of calories I ate today. Ifigured myself to be at about 2800 calories and it seems that my head math was totally off. THis just goes to show that writing down what you eat can be VERY helpful!


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