Day 60: Official Weigh in #2!!

One month in!

                           Beginning                        Day 30                          Day 60

Height 6′1

Weight            213 lbs                              205lbs                          202lbs

Bust                  40 in                                  38 1/2 in                        37 1/2 in

Waist                 36 in                                 33 1/4 in                       32 1/2

Hips                  47in                                 45 1/2 in                         45 in

Leg               24 1/4 in                                23 in                                23 in

Arms              12 1/2 in                            12 1/4in                         12 in

TOTAL LOSS 11 pounds and 9 3/4 inches off my body!!!!!

14 pounds to go and 30 days to do it! I am finding that as my body fat gets lower and my muscle mass is building that my weight is becoming stagnany. I still have another 15 pounds of fat that I can drop and I know that by sticking to my Herbalife nutrtionprogram that I am going to hit it. Key focus this month is PrePlanning my meals to stick to my calroeis and huit my protein AND no more nighttime snacking!

This is it, the final month!

If oyu are interested in getting started on a program so that you can lose inches and pounds or increase performance and energy, contact me at or call 562.883.4493  FREE wellness evaluations and goal setting sessions are available in person or remotely. All programs include 1:1 weekly coaching support, RMR/BMI/Protein Factor, cutomized meal plans and a whole lot more!


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