Day 59: Fail to Plan ~ Plan to Fail

Recently I have been working a lot on planning. Planning my work day, planning for derby, planning my workouts, planning what the heck I am going to EAT around all this other planning!

Yesterday (cookies dough aside) was an excellent example of a well planned day. the night before, I scheduled out what I was doing all day and then followed it. Then in the morning after my workout I put together what I will eat for the rest of the day and bring it with me. This works awesome!

Today howevery, my daily schedule got skewed a bit. I planned on going into the office at 1 and yet here I am, typing from my kitchen on my cute little laptop. I am still learning how to deal with busy days while running my own business. I am also learning that the kitchen is not my friend. I am great about planning out my food but if I linger too long in here I am bound to find something to put in my mouth (thats what she said).

So far today has gone pretty well but my ass needs to get out of the kitchen before I eat another baggie of nuts.

7am Herbalife protein pudding (eat this now! ask me how! LOL) 90 cal 9 g protein

six mile run followed by a beverage mix 90 cal 15 grams protein 2 mile walk with Jason, a new coach on our Herbalife Coaching Team. We were advertising for our weight loss challenge in Culver City. If you want to be a challenger or want more info, let me know!!

Afterwards I headed home. 11am I made egg salad (4 egg whites and one yolk) with hot sauce for kick, plus 1/2 a vanilla shake and some epic fruit from the fruit guy by B of A on washington. Best 5 $ ever spent!


Mango, Pineapple, coconut, with line squeezedover it andf chili powder sprinkled on top. Hellz Yes!  total meal 600 calroeis (estimated) 25 g protein

Now since I am still in my kitchen standing at my computer for the last couple of hours…cuz damn it, I love what I do and all the people I connect with so sometimes I get caught up in it. Not too caught up to reach for a baggie of almonds and cranberries…twice. 900 calories 18 g protein (estimated)

Ok but for realz now. Shower and off to the Club.

5:30pm I made an extra thick shake for dinner. Vanilla yum! 270 calories, 27 g pro

8:30 pm herbalife shake pudding 140 calories, 12 g protein

Total for the day 2090 calories  106 grams protein


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