Day 58: Protein-Do you know how much to get?

Eating protein is really important for several reasons. It keeps you full longer, it helps maintain even blood sugar levels, it helps build muscle thus boost metabolism. By maintaining my protein and keeping my calories low between 1600 and 2000 for my height and weight I will lose fat and keep muscle. If you need to know your magic numbers let me know ( and I will run them for you.

7:00 am half  a shake 90 cal, 9 g protein

9:30 beverage mix 90 cal, 15 g protein

11am egg salad, bell pepper, asparagus 400 cal 30 g protein

1:30 almonds and cranberries 300cal, 6g protein

4pm herbalife soup mix and carrots, almonds cranberries 500 cal, 23 protein

6pm herbalife double shake 400 calories 40 g protein!

10:30 pm herbalife soup mix, shake pudding, yikes…cookie dough…400 cal 25 g pro

Total For the Day :2200 calories, 148 grams protein


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