Day 55: Dear Eleven Miles,

Dear Eleven Miles,

I kicked your ass! Yet another morning of longest I’ve ever run. I started the day with some protein pudding at 7am. Combo Herbalife Formula 1 cookies and Creme with Chocolate Protein Drink mix. Its a great prerun mix. About 200 calories and 24 grams of protein. I mix the two with water until its the consistency of pudding and its mighty tastey. SOme mornigns I even throw some berries in there. As usual I took a multivitamin, cell activator, and Herbalifeline befor my run. I also mixed up 2 batches of “Catch me if you can” (H3O, Niteworks, lemon cola lift off). One for the road and one for the run. I also made an extra cookies and creme shake for right after my run.

 I love running in Venice/Santa Monica at the beach. Its a constant reminder that we truely do live in the land of fruits and nuts. Running along Venice boardwalk this morning before all the shops had opened was so weird.  I am so used to packed sidewalks and passing through clouds of weed smoke and vendors practicly dragging you to their tables to peddle their wares. But this moring it was early enough that no one had set up yet. All the shops were gated, big corrugated doors closed over these rickety buildings. You dont see it during the day because of all thethats going on but in the morning it seems like the whole boardwalk is just some toothpick project soem kid made 30 years ago and left by the ocean. Like one big wind could come and blow the whole thing away

As for the running part, I felt pretty good. About a mile into it I realized I had forgotten to put on both my knee braces. I started wearing them after my first 9 mile run when I noticed my knees get a little creeky after about 8 miles. As my runkeeper announced mile 1 was complete I was suddenlyaware of how naked my knees were and I freaked out and almost turned around. How would I make it the whole 11 miles without them What if I got 5.5 miles out and then couldnt make it back with out them and had to limp home. Have you ever swam out into the middle of a body of water only to realize “Oh crap I’m way the hell out here and I have no way back but to swim”? Thats how I felt as I kept running despite my braceless knees. Needless to say, I made it out there and back ok. As per usual my stiff shins loosened up by mile 3. I held back from picking up the pace. I was trying to be careful about agitating my knees. Once I hit 5.5 miles and it was time to turn around, I took stock of my situation and decided to pick up the pace a litte. The run back is always so much more motivating because I know that every step I take gets me closer to the finish line and that the faster I go, the faster I get there. For some reason my brain doesnt work that way on the first half. Check out my run:

After my run I felt pretty darn good. The knees survived and I was starving! I slammed my shake and pounded some H3O to replenish the electrolites I lost on the run. I also ate 2 hard boild eggs cuz I was effing hungry and I knew the protein would do me good…Plus I like hard boiled eggs.

Once I got home and showered I had some almonds and cranberries at 12:30 before I left to go into the office. For lunch around 3:30 I has spinach with tofu and balsamic vinagrette, 2 hardboiled eggs and some almonds and cranberries.

Stoked for some sushi tonight! I figure if I must go out and be social I should do so in a healthy way. I justneed to stay away from the Sake.


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