Day 53: Do what works

Do what works, avoid what doesnt. Seems simple enough right? This concept applies to all aspects of life but sometimes its easier to keep doing the same thing rather than try to find a new path. Many people avoid this because of fear of change, risk, fear of success, closed mindedness, ignorance.  Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Many times we dont realize that it is our actions and choices that lead to results we dont want. These blind spots can be hard to see. But when you find your self at a plateau in health, weightloss, performance, relationships, business, or athletics you should recognize this as a time to figure out what IS working and drop what ISNT.

Today I took a good look at this whole 90 day challenge I have created for myself. I am 38 days away from the finish and i have 15 pounds left to lose. Interestingly enough, even though I have plateaued weight wise, my body is continuing to change. I am getting the right amount of protein to keep on toning but the scale isnt budging. Many people hit this point in a weightloss goal and give up because they think, well what I am doing just isnt working because the scale is not moving even though their bodies continue to evolve for the better. Often times its tough to notice a change in yourself because it happens so gradually. This is why keeping gauges is important. Weights, measures, food logs, workout logs etc. A good thing to do in a situation like this, for what ever type of goal you are trying to reach is to make a list of what is working and whats not, then do more of what is and less of what isnt.

Things that AREN’T working for me:

Eating at night

Snacking when stressed/procrastinating/board

Several cheat days per week

Consuming more or the same number of calories as I am burning each day

What IS working:

Herbalife nutrition program

Hitting my protein

Watching my portions

The biggest key for me is fueling my body not my stomach or my stresses. I feel so much better when I eat properl. If I plan ahead, it takes all the guess work out of my day! Plus at the end of the day I can look at what I intended to do and what actually happened.


7:00 am “catch me if you can” (Herbalife liftoff, niteworks, H3O)

9:30am Herbalife cookies and creme shake

1:00pm cranberries and almonds

3:30pm tofu and spinach salad

5:30pm almonds and cranberries

8:45pm cookies and creme shake,

9pm a few small pieces of whole wheat pita with Heather’s herbalife chicken soup mix dip YUM!

I felt great today. One the whole, I end my day feeling so much more accomplished when I have kicked ass nutrtionally. Also, I am proud to say that every time I found myself sitting at my computer starting to wonder hmm what to do next and thinking about snacking, I got up and went for a quick 3-4 minute walk. When I sat back down again I was ready to go.

TIP: If you work at a desk, you should be getting up every hour. Its bad for your back, bones, circulation and your mind to sit for too long.!


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