Day 51: Intervals

So I’ve decided that as a way to boost my sprinting abilities I will be doing interval training while i am at the gym.  I do a ton of LSD (long stead distance…not the triipy kind) on the beach and I think its important to mix it up. From what I have read, its good to integrate the two. LSD for boosting your VO2 Max (or the efficiency with which your body uses oxygen) and Interval for boosting Lactic Threshold (that lovely burning feeling in your muscles).

7am herbalife shake pudding (this is my new obsession)

9am herbalife beverage mix for recovery after my workout- I did 30 min interval training on the elliptical , then abs

11am 2 hardboiled eggs and some..yup…shake pudding

1pm almonds and cran berries, 2 eggs

2pm almonds and cranberries

4pm asparagus and tofu, YUM!

1 hour skating- I am training some of our fresh meaties to be the future ass kickers of LADD!

6:45 shake plus beverage mix, 2 small oranges


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