Day 50: The Count down begins!

 I am 50 days in and I realized today one of the reasons I have been plateauing. When you set a goal and its in your face all the time it is a lot easier to reach. For the first 30 days I was shooting to fit into this hot dress I bought for Derby Dolls prom. I had the dress hanging from my door so that I would see it every day when I woke up and every night when I went to bed. Well, prom has come and gone, I have met that goal, and still I have this dress hanging here. Of course if I am looking at goals I have already met I will not be pushing myself forward. Now its time to get serious about this whole self-challenge. I was talking to my mom today and she just bought new bikinis for our beach trip this summer. She said she figured it would be good motivation to get beach ready. *Lightbulb* its time to switch that dress out for a fun bikin for the beach! So on Tuesday I will be going bikini shopping for my birthday. I am gonna find a super hot bikini and hang that up instead!

Yesterday (Pretty good until the slumber party in the OC)

7:30 am herbalife shake chocolate with a bananna, yum!

9:30 am almonds

12:30 am Herbalife instant shake

1-3pm snacked on trail mix at the OC Herbalife Event

5:30pm Went to Sindy’s fundraiser for her AIDS ride with Kevin, another awesome up and coming coach on our herbalfie team and new surfing friend, and had amazing chicken fajitas, a red velvet cupcake and one margarita. It was a great time! I saw some people I havent seen in FOREVER! I made sure to take a few ThermobondA.K.A. Damage Control tablets before we ate (if you need damage control before a meal out you can get them here

This is where it all starts going down hill: 8pm-1am 2 slices of thin crust pizza, 2 breadsticks, some que papa’s, chicken pasta, a few potatoe chips and some sangrea. Uh yeah…that totally happened. I havent had supper happy fun time slumber party in a long time and I should have some prepared with some healthier options to conntribute. Noted for the future. This would have been a great time to bring a shake pie.


woke up at PITA’s house. I am proud to say I was prepared enough to bring shake mix with me so when I woke up I made a shake for the road and headed back to LA.

9am herbalife chocolate shake with 2% MILK and some trail mix in the car on the way home

Six mile run today! <iframe width=”425″ height=”345″ src=””></iframe> I had a running buddy today. Luke ran with me and it was nice to have someone to pace myself against. He runs faster than I do so I actually pushed myself a bit more on the second half. I cant believe that a 6 mile run used to be a big deal and now its my shake down run. I felt pretty good yesterday after fridays 9 mile run and swim.

Noon Half of an amazing breakfast burrito

2pm shake pudding. YUM!

6pm epic chicken and oinions in amazingness sauce!

11pm shake pudding (this stuff is perfect for late night sweet tooth, its all the good stuff without the sugar)


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