Day 48: Use it or lose it?

Wow what a morning! 9 mile run followed by a surf sesh in Venice Beach. I was pretty stoked about my run today. After last weeks 10 mile run I have boosted my confidence in these longer stints. In fact, I even started pushing my pace in the first half of my run which I havent really done before on longer runs because 1) i was afraid of the shin splints returning and 2) I wasnt entirely confient I would make it back if I pushed on the way out there. Check out my run! I finished strong on the last mile and I cant wait to push a bit harder on my next 5 or 6 mile run next Tuesday.

After the run, I met up with my friend Nick and we headed down to Venice for a quck surf sesh. Aside from plastic baggies and other brick a brack washing over my board in the waves, it was a great little surf. I havent paddled out since November and I was kind of afraid I would have lost all of the progress I made this summer and fall. It took me a bit to get situated on my board but I caught two nice rides that made the morning worth it. The sun even shown through for a bit.

I have been spending a lot of time lately focusing on this half marathon and endurance training and I am trying to find a good balance between this and derby. I have found that the fast twich muscles (used for sprinting and quick reaction times in derby) are not what they used to be. With all the distance I am doing my body is getting into a slower mode. I  think I need to start throwing in some plyos or skating sprints to make sure that I dont lose all my derby strength.

7:00 am herbalife shake

9:30 am herbalife shake post workout plus some H3O to replenish my carbs.

1:00 PM 1/2 cup almonds, a whole wheat tortilla, an apple, 2 protein bars (random lunch but I was starving with a run AND a surf under my belt already for the day)

4:30 High Protein Low carb Herbalife shake

6:45pl tortilla and cheese (who has two thumbs and needs to go grocery shopping? THIS GUY!!)

8:30pm dinner out 🙂



  1. Roxy Horror

    Something really simple: I do running sprints, it has REALLY helped my jamming. I’ll pick like a 3 mile run (whatever takes 30 minutes or so) and wear my heart rate monitor. I sprint fast for 2 minutes and focus on my breathing and mostly ignore the HR, and then walk slowly for however long it takes for my heart rate to go back down to 135ish (whatever the lower end of your desired cardio zone is). I’m down to almost a minute recovery- I started at 2 minutes. My sprint speed is also increasing.

    I am by no means a trainer or lifelong runner anything like that but I’ve been doing this out of boredom for 2 months, several times a week (often on the treadmill due to ice and snow) and it’s really helped on the track.

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