Day 47: Move n Shake Fit Club!

Today I got up an hour early and went to Fit Club, our boot camp on the beach in Santa Monica on Tuesday, Thursday (6:15am and 7:15am classes)and Sundays (10am). It was such a blast! I love the coaches I work with and I love getting my sweat on with members of the community. If you are interested, shoot me a text and I will call you back with all the info! 562.883.4493

Today has been good food wise,. I was extra hungry and I think part of it was getting up an hour early so my body has been consistently ready to eat an hour earlier for every meal today. I have been stickin to it pretty well though.

6:30 herbalife shake with bananna (dude chocolate shake with bananna is life changing!)

8:30am 1/2 a shake…YUP at fit club we make shakes ON THE BEACH

10:30pm 1/2 cup almonds and an apple

11:30 am chicken, asparagus, almonds

2:30 pm shake- oh yeah chocolate and bananna part two!

5:30 tuna salad and some almonds

7:30 pina colada shake mix

I am doing my best not to eat as a form of procrastination today. I spend some time working on our next weightloss challenge today. I am super excited about it. We will be holding it Tuesday nights at 6pm in the nutrtion club here in west LA. The club looks amazing. I cannot wait for it to open!!


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