Day 46: Emotional Eating

This morning was a rough morning. The bank and I had some disagreements about how and when funds were out where thus resulting in me being less than excited about the world when I stormed out. My first thought was “Fuck it, give me some chocolate, this day is shot anyways.” Then I started to think about how that would solve anything. Would it make me feel better about BofA andf their lameness? No. WOuld it make me fell better? Maybe for about the 30 seconds that the 400 calroies worth of chocolate spent in my mouth yes, but after I would feel like shit. It would have negated my whole workout and probably owuld have resulted in the rest of the day being full of “Oh well, theres always tomorrow. I’ll start fresh then.”

SO Instead of diving in for some stress chocolate I really though about my feelings, how I could change my feelings about the situation instead of reacting to the situation. Does it suck that I now owe B of A 350$ Yes. Is it technicly my fault? Yes. Does it piss me off that they wont budge even though I have been with them for 13 years? Completely. SO to ease my stress even more, I wrote down exactly how to get myself out of this hole and back on to of things for the month. Did that make me feel better? Hellz yes, much more so that chocolate.


I had some negative thoughts that I had to recognize and change into constructive ones. THIS IS HARD TO DO! But once you get in the habit of doing it and recognising that you are not being contructive, you can change everything.

7:30 herbalife shake chocloate HPLC with chocolate formula 1 plus 1/2 of a bananna. YUM!

workout 30 min cario, legs

10:30 am turkey chili a few almonds (almost jumped into the whole bag but NO, I walked away)



5:30 chicken, asparagus, almonds, apple

6:30 shake mix

8:30 Shake Pie (just a mini piece!)

9:45 Hot Damn! plus 1/4 cup almonds (wasnt supposed to have the almonds…shhh dont tell Jake!)

Herbalife Protein Drink Mix + Hot Water= Hot Damn!

Thats a yummy way to get 15 grams of protein and only 120 calories!

Over all this has been a day of making me stronger. AND I didnt emotionally eat because of it. Success! Usually I would be full of massive amounts of chocolate by now. But instead I am full of Hot Damn! and hope for tomorrow.


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