Day 45:Half Way Point!

Alrighty I am half way there! Up to a 10 mile run! Today was six miles no sweat. Well actually there was a lot  of sweat but I was amazed to think that just 45 days ago, a 5 mile run seemed like a great feat.

I am still doing pretty well nutrtion wise. It is great to know that with the nutrition program I will still make progress even if I fall of 5% of the time. If it weren’t for th esimplicity and preplanning of my herbalife nutrtion program, there is no way I owuld be where i am. 1) food is effin expensive and shakes are not and 2) i would have to eat 3,000 calories of real food to hit my RDA which is a vital part of happy cells, fat loss and muscle maintenance.

My endurance is up and my pace keeps gettin gbetter. Since recovering from shin splints, I have gone from a 13 minute mile to a 10 minute mile pace. Check out my run below!

7am herbalife shake

10:30 am turkey chili and some almonds

1pm herbalife shake

5pm chicken and asparagus with balsamic vinagrette, a 1/4 cup almonds

8:30 pm apple and 1/4cup almonds

its 11Pm and I am NOT gonna give in and eat. I am going to bed soon and there is no point in eating then sleeping!

NOTE:Did you know that inorder get their massive structure sumo wrestlers follow an epic diet? They skip breakfast, skip lunch and eat a ton of food and then go right to sleep. **If you DO NOT want to look like a sumo wrestle, I suggest you avoid their diet***


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