Day 41: Chunk it down

TIP: If you have a big goal (persona, fitness, derby, nutrtion), chunk it down. Take a big goal and create smaller goals to reach it. I did that today. I had a 10 mile run to do which is intimidating to say the least but I figured I would get it done slow and stead… after all that wins the race right? So I chunked it down into 4 sections of 2.5 miles. This made totally took the mental game out of the picture. No longer was I looking at a massive 10 mile run but instead 2 runs of 2.5 mile sout and 2 runs of 2.5 miles back. So I set my run keeper to let me know when i hit these 2.5 mile markers and I DID IT!!!!!! I RAN 10 MILES TODAY!!! And the best part is, not only did i run 10 miles today but I ran it at a faster pace than I have been running, without really even thinking about it. Here is the link to my runkeeper log. Check this out, its absolutely amazing! 

2 things I did durring this run nutrtionall that were very helpful. 1) I had a shake for breakfast, followed by “Catch Me if You Can” (Herbalife nightworks  for enfurance, H3o for hydration and lift off for energy) 30 minutes before I started. I also read that dehydration can reduce your endurance by up to 30 perecent and cause muscle fatugue, so I brought a second “catch me if you can” with me and drank it through out the run. As soon as I finished and did a little victory dance (surfers getting their geear on gave me very odd looks), I was STARVING! Thankfully I brought a muscle strength and recovery blended with bananna with me and I pounded it along with eating another bananna to recover the carbs I lost in the run.

NOTE: You can accomplish anything you want if you just chunk it down. ANYTHING. The first step is deciding you want it/want to do it. The second step is to work backwards. For example I wanted to do a half marathon:

step 1. Decide you are going to run the marathon (see yesterdays post for “what ifs”).

step 2. set a date e.g. I will run X 1/2 ma.rathon on X date.

step 3. What skills to I need to aquire to do this? (get a training schdule for running and maybe some new shoes)

step 4. Who can I ask for assistance/support? (Jason Dendy, my firend who is already training for a marathon)

step 5. GET STARTED!!

This model applies to ANYTHING.  Leave me a comment!! What are you going to accomplish ?!!?! I will gladly support you in this 5 step process!

7:00 am herbalife shake, catch me if you can

10 mile run!

9:30am herbalife shake, bananna

11am herbalife shake with bananna and a handful of almonds

Noon tuna stuffed in half a bellpepper



  1. Skunk

    SO-SO-SO proud of you! Great job running today! I have noticed how your pace has been gradually getting faster with each run. That’s how it was for me too. You feel like you’re not really putting a lot of effort out running, when in fact you’re pace is getting better.

    By the time race day get’s here, you’re gonna kill the half M!

    • hotterinyourhotpants

      Yes! it was like the second my feet hit the pavement today my stride was the sam ebut my pace was faster!
      I have been trying to keep it mellow for the first have then take it up a notch on the way back. Thanks for all your help and support Jason, youre the man!!

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