Day 40: Old Lady Lifts a Car!

Thats what i felt like otday at the gym! Yesterdays training session with Jake was so eyeopening as to what I really can accomplish. He asked me what I could quat and I was like “oh I dunno, I usually do like 50pound.” He laughed and informed me tha I had waaay more than that in me. To my astonishment I did it with 45 pound plates on each side!!!

SO I took that mentality today when I hit the gym for upper body and OMG I felt like an old lady lifting a car. I grabbed a dumbell for curls. Usually I do 5’s. TOday I thought hmm I wonder if I could…and then did my curls with 15 pounds! Then I grabbed a 15 for rows and thought hmmm I wonder if I could…and then did all 3 sets with a 40 lb bumbell!! This happened at every exercize I did.

What if we did that with every aspect of our life. What if we started every day, came at every project or idea with “Hmmm I wonder if I could…” and put alittle stretch in to our lifes? People would be amazing at what they can accomplish if they just lean into it a little. 40 days ago I thought “Hmm I wonder ifn I could lose 25 pounds and get half marathon ready in 90 days?” And here I am almost half way there. I will be running 10 miles tomorrow, which by the way is farther than I have ever run at one time EVER!) and I am half way to my goal weight! All I did was “Hmm I wonder if I could…” and then put a plan into action.

QUESTION: What would you “Hmm I wonder if I could?” (Leave a comment, I’d really like to know!)

7:30am herbalife shake

9:30 peach/mango beverage mix

11:00 am 1/2 shake,

1pm tuna with whole wheat pita and asparagus

4:45pm herbalife shake

6pm trail mix

6:45pm 1/2 a raw bell pepper stuffed with tuna (i thought this up this morning! YUM!!)

8:30pm shake

10pm trail mix (Ok really the trail mix at night just needs to stop.)



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